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    Alt-1955 - French Grand Prix up!


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    Alt-1955 - French Grand Prix up! Empty Alt-1955 - French Grand Prix up!

    Post by tommykl on Sun Feb 15, 2015 12:31 pm

    It's all on the wiki, but in case you can't be bothered...

    1. Desmond Titterington (Lancia) - 2:26.11
    2. Paco Godia (Gordini) - 2:28.54
    3. Tony Brooks (B.C.M.A.) - 2:29.69
    4. Reg Armstrong (Lancia) - 2:29.98
    5. Bib Stillwell (O.S.C.A.-Vanwall) - 2:31.37
    6. André Guelfi (Lancia) - 2:32.79
    7. Luigi Musso (Ambrosiana-Alfa Romeo) - 2:32.85
    8. Lance Macklin (Ferrari) - 2:32.96
    9. Dennis Poore (Vanwall) - 2:33.18
    10. Alberto Uria (Ambrosiana-Alfa Romeo) - 2:33.72
    11. Ken Wharton (Ferrari) - 2:33.90
    12. Cesare Perdisa (Alfa Romeo) - 2:34.47
    13. Roger Loyer (Loyer-Porsche) - 2:34.63
    14. Eugenio Castellotti (Porsche) - 2:34.80
    15. Alfonso de Portago (Loyer-Porsche) - 2:35.27
    16. Aldo Gordini (Gordini) - 2:35.29
    17. Kenneth McAlpine (Bentley) - 2:36.67
    18. Roy Salvadori (Bentley-O.S.C.A.) - 2:36.92
    19. Ron Flockhart (Cooper-Maserati) - 2:37.39
    20. Lex Davison (Aston Martin-Jaguar) - 2:38.69
    21. Philippe Etancelin (Guidobaldi-Mercedes) - 2:40.57
    22. Helmut Niedermayr (Van Hoff-O.S.C.A.) - 2:41.74

    1. Desmond Titterington (Lancia) - 2:26.11
    2. B. Bira (Aston Martin-Jaguar) - 2:26.80
    3. Paco Godia (Gordini) - 2:27.37
    4. Peter Collins (B.C.M.A.) - 2:27.99
    5. Tony Bettenhausen (Aston Martin-Jaguar) - 2:28.14
    6. Dries van der Lof (Aston Martin-Jaguar) - 2:28.42
    7. Tony Gaze (Alfa Romeo) - 2:28.87
    8. Consalvo Sanesi (Gordini) - 2:28.94
    9. Jack Brabham (Alfa Romeo) - 2:29.00
    10. Tony Brooks (B.C.M.A.) - 2:29.40
    11. Peter Whitehead (Bentley-O.S.C.A.) - 2:29.46
    12. Giuseppe Farina (Alfa Romeo) - 2:29.94
    13. Stirling Moss (Bentley-O.S.C.A.) - 2:30.08
    14. Maurice Trintignant (Aston Martin-Jaguar) - 2:30.32
    15. Bib Stillwell (O.S.C.A.-Vanwall) - 2:30.64
    16. Hernando da Silva Ramos (Mercedes-Bentley) - 2:30.70
    17. José Froilan Gonzalez (O.S.C.A.-Bentley) - 2:31.03
    18. Robert Manzon (Gordini) - 2:31.08
    19. Alberto Ascari (Phoenix-O.S.C.A.) - 2:31.12
    20. Porfirio Rubirosa (Gordini) - 2:31.31
    21. Harry Schell (Bentley) - 2:31.52
    22. Stan Jones (Alfa Romeo-Balkan Lion) - 2:31.63
    23. Lance Macklin (Ferrari) - 2:31.94
    24. Luigi Musso (Ambrosiana-Alfa Romeo) - 2:32.26
    25. Jacques Swaters (O.S.C.A.-Bentley) - 2:32.66
    26. Giannino Marzotto (O.S.C.A.) - 2:32.67
    27. Dorino Serafini (Alfa Romeo) - 2:32.80
    28. Toulo de Graffenried (Ambrosiana-Ferrari) - 2:32.95
    29. Maria Teresa de Filippis (O.S.C.A.) - 2:33.04
    30. David Hampshire (Bentley) - 2:33.05
    31. Umberto Maglioli (B.C.M.A.) - 2:33.20
    32. Mike Hawthorn (Vanwall) - 2:33.24
    33. Johnny Claes (Cooper-Jaguar) - 2:33.72
    34. Reg Armstrong (Lancia) - 2:33.78
    35. Bernie Ecclestone (Mercedes-Bentley) - 2:34.06
    36. André Simon (Alfa Romeo-Jaguar) - 2:34.19
    37. Jean Behra (Porsche) - 2:34.45
    38. Roberto Mieres (Bentley-FIAT) - 2:36.24
    39. André Guelfi (Lancia) - 2:36.38
    40. Louis Chiron (Alfa Romeo-Jaguar) - 2:37.36

    Race report
    Before the start of the race, the main talking point was the race organisers' decision to lengthen it to over 600 kilometres, which was a worry for both teams and drivers. The cars weren't designed to last that long, making reliability an issue, and they had become notoriously hard to handle, causing multiple accidents in Monaco, luckily without consequence. Despite these concerns, the race would go ahead for the full distance.

    Titterington got the best start of the race leaders and led the first lap from Godia and Bira. Moss and Manzon got the best getaways, though, gaining three spots each. Desmond promptly fell behind Godia, Bira and Collins, the Spaniard taking the lead for the first time in his career. Bira then fell behind Collins and Titterington. On lap 5, towards the back, Mike Hawthorn attempted to pass Maria Teresa de Filippis into Calvaire. They misread each other's lines and their wheels locked. De Filippis was sent into the earth bank by the side of the track and flew up and over it. De Filippis promtply exited her car, and while she was conscious, she was in visible pain.

    On lap 6, Dries van der Lof pulled into the pits with an oil leak. The resulting slick at Thillois caught out Luigi Musso, who span out of his maiden Grand Prix start. By this point, Consalvo Sanesi had risen from eighth place to second behind teammate Godia. On lap 8, Sanesi tried a move for the lead on the start-finish straight, but Godia blindly cut him off, sending him into the pit wall! This move, following his dive into the Monaco harbour, caused Amédée Gordini to lose his temper. At this point, he was only angrily listening to Sanesi's explanation. Meanwhile, Titterington and Bira, rigt behind Godia, were rightfully hesitant to make a move on the Spaniard. They tripped over themselves, allowing Moss through into second place while having started thirteenth!

    On lap 10, the race took another turn, as the circuit announcers noticed that Philippe Etancelin had taken to the track in the Guidobaldi, despite having failed to prequalify for the race! Later on, the Frenchman admitted that he simply wanted his final race to actually be a race. In the meantime, he was running around in last place. On lap 12, Hampshire attempted to pass Ramos, but the Brazilian closed the door lazily and knocked himself out of the race. A few laps later, Jack Brabham crashed out at Calvaire, having just set the fastest lap of the race. That same lap, Lance Macklin wrecked yet another car for Reatherson, taking himself out in a big way using Umberto Maglioli to steer him into a ditch. The team boss would not be happy to see Lance walk back to the pits...

    On lap 17, Swaters' gearbox failed from 20th position, one of the only mechanical failures so far this season. Indeed, driver incompetence hasn't left enough time for the cars to fail! Then, on lap 20, after such brilliant practice laps, Desmond Titterington span out at Muizon, ending his race. He was in second place. That same lap, Bib Stillwell's Vanwall engine expired on his (and his engine's) first start. At this point, Godia's lead was substantial over the battle for second between Bira, Moss and Collins for B.C.M.A. Bettenhausen then proceeded to blow a tyre on random debris and crash out when he lost control, reducing the field to 21 drivers, then 20 when Giannino Marzotto's engine failed. Then 19 when Harry Schell span out on the resulting oil. 25 laps had been run at this point.

    On lap 27, Tony Brooks lost control of his car at Calvaire, collided and flew over the earth bank, much like de Filippis did. Miraculously, Brooks also walked away from the wreckage and, like the gentlemanly medecine student he is, offered to check de Filippis' injury after her accident. Meanwhile, the paddock was completely dumbfounded by Philippe Etancelin actually beating a few drivers at times in the Guidobaldi who had only shown really bad performance until then. Apart from the occasional overtake, nothing really happened until lap 34, when Stirling Moss retired from fourth place with a transmission failure, joining Titterington, who had stayed by the side of the track to enjoy the rest of the race.

    On lap 35, Bira had an oil leak and retired from the race, leaving 16 drivers still running. Then, on the next lap, Giuseppe Farina had one of the scariest moments of the race when his brakes completely failed at Muizon. He bailed from the car as it clipped the stopped Lancia of Titterington and barrell-rolled into the wheat fields of Gueux. Farina promptly got up, brushed some dust off his shoulder and calmly walked to the incredulous Titterington and Moss, who had just witnessed the accident. All these scenes contributed to making this race one of the best-remebered of all time. On top of this, Peter Collins' B.C.M.A. engine expired out of a brilliant second place, causing Peter Whitehead (running third) to spin out on the oil. After 40 laps, Godia led from Tony Gaze, Robert Manzon, Maurice Trintignant, Alberto Ascari, David Hampshire, Stan Jones, Umberto Maglioli, José Froilan Gonzalez, Porfirio Rubirosa, Dorino Serafini, Philippe Etancelin and Mike Hawthorn.

    On lap 43, Umberto Maglioli's suspension failed from ninth place, ending a promising race for B.C.M.A. and leaving twelve drivers in the race. On lap 47, it was Stan Jones' engine that failed out of seventh place. Maurice Trintignant passed Manzon and Gaze to take second place, with the Australian driver suffering from a gearbox failure on lap 54, leaving only ten drivers. Then, there were nine when Trintignant's clutch failed on the very next lap. On lap 58, Amédée Gordini had made his decision about Paco Godia and decided to fire the Spaniard who was dominating the race. Not wanting to wait for the end of the race, he sent the message to him via pitboard. Godia's reaction was to pull over into the pits on the next lap, pull his helmet off, put it down and walk away from the shouting Amédée towards the Phoenix garage, where he could speak Spanish. That same lap, Gonzalez, who would have taken third place, span off at Thillois, leaving just seven drivers. Robert Manzon now led from Ascari, David Hampshire in third, Serafini, Rubirosa, Mike Hawthorn in the Vanwall and Philippe Etancelin, still running in the Guidobaldi!

    It wasn't to be, however. Once he'd started to fall behind, the Reims-Gueux track marshalls finally made the decision to show him the black flag, disqualifying him. Knowing that this would happen, he stopped in the pits, crossed the circuit to climb on the straw bales in front of the grandstands and take a bow for the roaring crowd, taking a well-deserved retirement from racing at the age of 58. And with 6 laps remaining, Robert Manzon's engine failed out of the race lead, leaving only five cars! Alberto Ascari now led from Hampshire, Serafini, Hawthorn and Rubirosa, while Manzon would still be classified and in the points by default. And in the end, it was an emotional end to a crazy, crazy race, as Alberto Ascari raised both arms in the air to finally win his first championship Grand Prix after over five years of trying. In similar fashion, David Hampshire finished the race in second, ahead of Dorino Serafini, Mike Hawthorn and Porfirio Rubirosa.

    1. Alberto Ascari (Phoenix-O.S.C.A.) 3:06:33.09
    2. David Hampshire (Bentley) +1 lap
    3. Dorino Serafini (Alfa Romeo) +3 laps
    4. Mike Hawthorn (Vanwall) +4 laps
    5. Porfirio Rubirosa (Gordini) +4 laps
    6. Robert Manzon (Gordini) +6 laps/Engine
    Ret. Paco Godia (Gordini) +15 laps/Sacked via pitboard
    Ret. José Froilan Gonzalez (O.S.C.A.-Bentley) +19 laps/Spin
    Ret. Maurice Trintignant (Aston Martin-Jaguar) +21 laps/Clutch
    Ret. Tony Gaze (Alfa Romeo) +22 laps/Gearbox
    Ret. Stan Jones (Alfa Romeo-Balkan Lion) +30 laps/Engine
    Ret. Umberto Maglioli (B.C.M.A.) +34 laps/Suspension
    Ret. Peter Collins (B.C.M.A.) +36 laps/Engine
    Ret. Peter Whitehead (Bentley-O.S.C.A.) +36 laps/Accident
    Ret. Stirling Moss (Bentley-O.S.C.A.) +40 laps/Transmission
    Ret. Giuseppe Farina (Alfa Romeo) +40 laps/Accident
    Ret. B. Bira (Aston Martin-Jaguar) +40 laps/Oil leak
    Ret. Tony Brooks (B.C.M.A.) +48 laps/Accident
    Ret. Harry Schell (Bentley) +50 laps/Spin
    Ret. Tony Bettenhausen (Aston Martin-Jaguar) +52 laps/Accident
    Ret. Giannino Marzotto (O.S.C.A.) +52 laps/Engine
    Ret. Desmond Titterington (Lancia) +54 laps/Spin
    Ret. Bib Stillwell (O.S.C.A.-Vanwall) +54 laps/Engine
    Ret. Jacques Swaters (O.S.C.A.-Bentley) +57 laps/Gearbox
    Ret. Jack Brabham (Alfa Romeo) +58 laps/Accident
    Ret. Lance Macklin (Ferrari) +58 laps/Collision
    Ret. Hernando da Silva Ramos (Merecedes-Bentley) +62 laps/Collision
    Ret. Consalvo Sanesi (Gordini) +66 laps/Collision
    Ret. Toulo de Graffenried (Ambrosiana-Ferrari) +66 laps/Spin
    Ret. Dries van der Lof (Aston Martin-Jaguar) +68 laps/Oil leak
    Ret. Luigi Musso (Ambrosiana-Alfa Romeo) +68 laps/Spin
    Ret. Maria Teresa de Filippis (O.S.C.A.) +69 laps/Collision
    DSQ. Philippe Etancelin (Guidobaldi-Mercedes) +15 laps/Illegal race start

    Fastest lap: Jack Brabham (Alfa Romeo) - 2:28.25

    Championship standings

    1. Alberto Ascari - 13
    2. Dries van der Lof - 9
    3. Consalvo Sanesi - 6 (1 2nd, 1 Ret)
    4. David Hampshire - 6 (1 2nd, 1 DNQ)
    5. Dorino Serafini - 4 (1 3rd)
    6. Porfirio Rubirosa - 4 (2 5ths)
    7. Maria Teresa de Filippis - 3 (1 4th, 1 Ret)
    8. Mike Hawthorn - 3 (1 4th, 1 DNPQ)
    9. Maurice Trintignant - 1 (1 6th, 1 Ret)
    =. Robert Manzon - 1 (1 6th, 1 Ret)

    1. Phoenix-O.S.C.A. - 13
    2. Aston Martin-Jaguar - 9
    3. Gordini - 8
    4. Bentley - 6
    5. Alfa Romeo - 4
    6. O.S.C.A. - 3 (1 4th, multiple Rets)
    7. Vanwall - 3 (1 4th, 1 DNQ)

    1. Phoenix Racing Organisation - 13
    2. Jaguar-Aston Martin Racing - 9
    3. Alexander Racing Team-Gordini - 8
    4. Hampshire Racing Alliance - 6
    5. Officine Renzo - 4
    6. Maria Teresa de Filippis - 3 (1 4th, 1 Ret)
    7. Vanwall - 3 (1 4th, 1 DNQ)

    No budget update before the new forum is up.

    Injury report

    Maria Teresa de Filippis sustained a broken nose and a fractured wrist in her accident. She is out of action for 14 days, and will miss the Belgian Grand Prix.

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    Alt-1955 - French Grand Prix up! Empty Re: Alt-1955 - French Grand Prix up!

    Post by Pi3141 on Mon Feb 16, 2015 2:14 pm

    Ottorino Volonterio will replace de Filippis at Spa-Francorchamps.

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